College! Probably it is the best place on . To see how to live it go through our list of emoji for College! If you didnt go to college, you wasted the best years of your life on some BS. Why, you might ask ? Well, college is the time of 皂iracles! Remember all the teens Movies College is about falling in 歹儭 Love with the most beautiful Girl or most handsome guy 仍 just because you had to work on the same project . Maybe then have a , but it definitely was worth it It is about making new friends 綾突 in the middle of the Night when you are heading home from non-stop crazy Party. It is about travelling 毋恫滕 and exploring the World around you without mom and dad . College at the same time is when you realize that all your actions require your responsibility . You learn it by cheating on exams and plagiarizing papers on marketing. It is about new figures in your mind: professors, instructors that give you an example to follow 兩儭. College is about choosing and understanding whom you want to be FOR REAL: this 抽喉 or this 抽儭; this 兩歹 or this! And not because you 抽把 Mothers said so . It is about exploring you limits when you have just one night to get ready for Accounting 荊 or English exam 湘. It is about becoming the better version of yourself in the end 兩儭抽儭芬 otherwise you will not graduate .

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