What do emoji hearts of different colors mean?

What do the different colored emoji hearts mean?

Emoticon Red Heart ❤️ is a  symbol of love and romance and is usually used to convey love messages or show sympathy

Emoji Orange Heart 🧡 is the  official symbol of the friend zone . Doesn’t mean love, it’s better to just stay friends.

Smiley Gold or Yellow Heart 💛 means  purity of intentions , happiness, loyalty, friendship and cheerfulness.

Emoji Green Heart 💚 means  jealousy, indicates relationship problems,  or is a symbol of reconciliation.

Smiley Blue heart 💙 speaks of the  desire for sex . Be careful.

Emoji Purple 💜 heart is designed to  express love for parents . And in the United States, also to the soldiers, as it symbolizes their military reward for bravery.

Smiley Black heart 🖤 informs about  sadness, longing, breakup . Also signals that the sender liked a joke with black humor.

Emoji White Heart 🤍 personifies  purity of thoughts , and also denotes innocence and is used to express love for children.

Smiley Brown heart 🤎 denotes  love … for chocolate . Yes, it’s that simple. Well, sometimes broken hopes.

Emoji Broken Heart 💔 as expected speaks of longing for  love, sadness , unhappiness and pain. Vanilla bullshit.

What do other hearts mean?

That’s not all. The emoji collection contains hearts that represent shades of feelings. Here’s what they mean:

Emoji ❣ Heart with an exclamation mark  – means Agree from the bottom of my heart!

Smiley 💗 Growing heart – I’m crazy about you, I’m crazy about you

Emoji 💖 Sparkling heart  – you are my universe

Smiley 💘 Heart with an arrow – I love you forever!

Emoji 💓 Beating heart – simple sympathy

Smiley 💞 Spinning hearts – you are my dream

Emoji 💝 Heart with ribbon – you are my gift

Smiley 💕 Two hearts – we love each other

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